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The following are QR codes to view the PAA in the news.  Just focus your phone camera on the QR code and then it will take you to the article or just click on the links as another option.  Enjoy!

CLICK HERE to see the photo spread and write up in the PARAKRITIKA for the 2024 Dance Workshop by the Viglatores. Participants were Cretan Youth from our PYA and Cretan youth from Australia.
CLICK HERE to see the photo spread and write up in the Hellenic Journal for the 2024 Aporiatiko Cretans of Omonoia of Orange County event this Spring.
CLICK HERE to read an article about the philanthropic work completed along with the computer donation in the Haniotika Nea, April 2024. 
CLICK HERE to read the article on the Venizelos Foundation and PAA's memorial in memory of Elefherios Venizelos in Greek News USA
CLICK HERE to read the article from The National Herald (in Greek) about the PAA and the Venizelion Foundation organizing the 88th anniversary memorial for former Prime Minister Eleftherios Venizelos at St. Elefhterios in NYC, March 17, 2024. CLICK HERE to read the online version.
CLICK HERE to read about the Venizelos Foundation & PAA Memorial on March 17, 2024 in NYC.
CLICK HERE to read about the Annual Cretan Dance hosted by the KRITIKI FILOXENIA of Staten Island that took place on March 16, 2024 in the National Greek Herald.  
CLICK HERE to read the article in the Xaniotika Nea on February 18, 2024 regarding the donation of computers from the PYA/PAA to the Boy's Orphanage in Chania.  
CLICK HERE to read the ERT story on the donation of Computers to the Boy's Orphanage on February 20, 2024
CLICK HERE to read the story in the Anamneseis newspaper on February 19, 2024 on the donation of computers to the Boy's Orphanage
CLICK HERE to read the latest article on the PAA Philanthropic efforts as reported in the Haniotika Nea, February 5, 2024
CLICK HERE for the Greek Version of the online Magazine Hellenic DNA interview with President Kounalakis on October 31, 2023.
CLICK HERE to read the English Version of the Online Magazine Hellenic DNA interview with President Kounalakis on October 31, 2023.
CLICK HERE  to read the latest version of the ΚΡΗΤΑΙΕΙΣ ΤΕΥΧΟΣ 30 from the World Council of Cretans
The December 9 magazine cover story on the Pancretan Association and an interview with President Kounalakis
Haniotika Nea Article on the meeting between President Kounalakis and the Governor of Crete Stavros Arnaoutakis
Rethynea News article with meeting Vice Governor Maria Lioni and Mayor George Marinakis
Greek News USA article on the visit with the Mayor of Rethymnon

Greek News USA

OrthodoxNews Agency with the Bishop of Rethymnon

Orthodox News Agency
CretaLive article on the meeting with Nikos Papadakis of the Venizelion Foundation

Hellenic Journal announces our new PAA President, October 2023

Xaniotika Nea article highlighting the visit of former PAA President James Boutzoukas, current Executive VP John Marakis and General Supervisor Nickos Kastrinakis visiting the Typographical Museum, 2022