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Mentor Program

Invest in your future, develop the leader in you!

Continuing PAA values through mentoring The PAA Mentor Program is designed to support PYA and PAA members through connections with effective corporate executives, business owners and professionals for a rigorous mentorship experience to help them further their knowledge, experience, and understanding of career related skills and resources in order to become more successful. The main goal of the program is to connect Mentors with Mentees through a mentorship experience in order to support Mentees with performance or career exploration. Mentors are recruited professionals and include corporate executives, small business owners & professionals from a variety of occupations. Mentees will be high school or college students or aspiring professionals that are current and paid PYA/PAA members.

Mentee Benefits
Increases knowledge and skills  Expands professional network  Enhances and expands leadership abilities  Receives guidance  Increases opportunities for career advancement. 

Mentor Benefits
Invests in the future by actively participating in developing future leaders.
Obtains a fresh perspective and new insights.
Develops stronger leadership and coaching skills.
Offers an opportunity to pass on a legacy.

Time Commitment
Each mentor is requested to make a year commitment to mentoring. Each mentee is required to make a 3 month commitment to working with a mentor. Weekly phone or e-mail contact combined with a total of 4-6 hours of mentoring each month. All mentoring activities must be reported to the Mentor Program Coordinator at the end of each month.
Participation Criteria
Criteria to be a Mentee or Mentor in the PAA Mentor Program are: A passion and interest in continuous learning and self-development The willingness and motivation to participate and commitment to fulfill the requirements of the program. Mentees must be members in good standing of the PAA or PYA and at least 18 years of age.


Mentor Application   Mentee Application   Mentee Guide   Mentor Guide   Mentee Monthly report