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Cretan Artists Registry

The Pancretan Association of America is searching to identify artists of ALL genres who are members, or children of members, from our PAA & PYA chapters!

We are looking to identify musicians, authors, poets, painters, actors, comedians, dancers, sculptors, film makers, etc. that are aspiring, or already active in their respected fields. With this information, we will create a directory--building a network for these artists, as well as sharing their superior talent with our entire membership!

The PAA strives to support all of its artists, and looks forward to promoting, and sponsoring, performances across the United States.

For more information, or if you have questions, please contact Pagona Stratoudakis ( or Stephanie Novotny (

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Cretan Artists Registry

Pagona Stratoudakis -
Stephanie Novotny -


Identify and celebrate the rich and diverse talent within the Cretan community.


To create a thorough and robust registry of artists of Cretan descent, across all genres, and throughout the entire United States. To use the Cretan Artists Registry as an outreach tool to connect with current members, lapsed members and recruit new members to the PAA. To continually grow the CAR and create a database that can be used to identify talent to be used at events, to create specialized events to promote local artists, and to support Cretan artists throughout the country.